Five8 Circles are groups of volunteers, usually about 6, who support one another and their ex-prisoner friend.
Five8 Circles are designed to bring friendship, support and accountability around an ex-prisoner. The circle may be able to assist with particular resources, i.e. housing, employment, etc if available to them but importantly, it is to establish a new circle away from those that are likely to have added to the ex-prisoners issues prior to conviction.
It is expected the the prisoner would be visited prior to release usually weekly shared amongst the circle. After release, informal meetings, either group or individual should be regularly maintained, especially in the early days after release and over a period of at least one year.


Simple! Keep the ex-prisoner out of prison and help them to build a new life with healthy relationships. Reconciliation with family members would be ideal but it could be establishing a new foundation to start again.
Assisting with any AoD issues or other life restricting practices e.g. gambling, pornography, etc. using qualified professional help should be part of the plan.
Helping to build a foundation of truth with and for the ex-prisoner to establish a life of significance with healthy relationships is what Five8 is all about and it all begins with simple, consistent friendships from individuals that share the heart of Jesus Christ.