Recruitment of Volunteers

Five8 volunteers must be reasonably well balanced and established in a local church. They must be teachable yet of reasonably strong character, they should not have a desire to “peddle their own wares” nor should they have an intention to educate the prisoner as to the error of his or her ways. They’ve already figured that if they have been accepted as a Five8 core member! If you have had experience in mentoring or pastoral care, it would be an advantage.

Above all, a Five8 volunteer should be consistent, have good personal boundaries and have a passion to serve in prison ministry.

If you think that this describes you, complete a volunteer application by clicking the “VOLUNTEER TODAY” button on this page

Training of Volunteers

Training is essential for a Five8 volunteer and we believe that we have some of the best training materials and methods available. Partnering with Corrective Services (NSW) and other service providers, we believe in a program of continuous development and support.