Highlighting the Clash of Cultures

PRISON SLANG: What does the term piece mean in prison slang? Just the other day a recently released friend of mine related how, when sitting in a church service, he had heard the speaker encourage everyone present to, “pass the … Continue reading

Prison Visits Cut Rates of Reoffending

If you were needing affirmation that your visits to a prisoner are worthwhile take a look at the following   Be encouraged.

Community is missing link in crime control, Deakin University expert, by Dr Terry Bartholomew

28 September 2011 The missing piece in responding to repeat offending is the community that offenders are released into, a Deakin University psychology expert will argue at this week’s Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology Conference. Dr Terry Bartholomew, … Continue reading

Counsellor Mike Skewes to Teach Self Care and Boundaries to Five8 Volunteers

Mike Skewes (B.A. Ministry {Counselling}, PACFA Registered Clinical Counsellor {CAPC} {ASTSS} {VOTA}) will be teaching our volunteers how to care for themselves and create healthy boundaries at our upcoming training day on the 30th of July at Footscray Church of … Continue reading

Circles of Support, sure, but why the Accountability?

When the Five8 team conduct workshops we often brainstorm with trainees what they think a person needs when they get out of prison, and their answers are spot on. A safe place to live, a meaningful job, friends, life-giving activities to fill in … Continue reading