Prison Slang

Highlighting the Clash of Cultures

PRISON SLANG: What does the term piece mean in prison slang? Just the other day a recently released friend of mine related how, when sitting in a church service, he had heard the speaker encourage everyone present to, “pass the … Continue reading

Counsellor Mike Skewes to Teach Self Care and Boundaries to Five8 Volunteers

Mike Skewes (B.A. Ministry {Counselling}, PACFA Registered Clinical Counsellor {CAPC} {ASTSS} {VOTA}) will be teaching our volunteers how to care for themselves and create healthy boundaries at our upcoming training day on the 30th of July at Footscray Church of … Continue reading

Circles of Support, sure, but why the Accountability?

When the Five8 team conduct workshops we often brainstorm with trainees what they think a person needs when they get out of prison, and their answers are spot on. A safe place to live, a meaningful job, friends, life-giving activities to fill in … Continue reading