Basic Premises

–          Leave titles outside the room, sitting in a Circle equalizes us
–          Struggle together
–          This is not a quick fix
–          Stay open to all possibilities

Role of Facilitator

–          Create an atmosphere of respect and safety for all
–          Create a tone of hope and optimism
–          Guide the process to remain true to underlying values
–          Articulate the progress and accomplishments of the Circle
–          Clarify unresolved issues to focus the Circle’s energy
–          Participate as a part of the Circle

Conducting the Circle

–          Facilitator opens with candle, silence, and opportunity to reflect on task through reading
–          Facilitator welcomes everyone and explains the process
–          Introductions around the Circle – who you are and why are you here
–          Facilitator introduces the topic
–          The Circle operates in clockwise direction to facilitate discussion
–          Facilitator summarizes key issues and areas of agreement / concern
–          Facilitator directs the discussion to clarify any areas of concern
–          Each participant is given the opportunity for final comments
–          Facilitator closes the Circle with summary and reading as appropriate