A childhood dream to be a musician was robbed from him. Surviving on the streets was tough and Jack was raped and molested several times. He was smoking dope and drinking heavily to try to numb the emotional pain. When he was 19, he ran into his mother quite by chance, they drank heavily and she introduced him to heroin. After injecting him and getting high, she had sex with him and showed him what she had learned as a prostitute. In the morning, she was gone and he was sick with guilt and shame along with a myriad of mixed up emotions. That day was the first time he attempted to take his own life with an overdose of pills and booze, he had had just about all he could take. After several further suicide attempts and a couple of prison terms, Jack at 28 came to the attention of Five8 who put a circle of support and accountability (CoSA) around him. They helped him to build some self esteem, and stay drug and alcohol free for the last 2 years, Five8 has helped him find employment and accommodation. He is now 30, still struggling with shame, anger, rejection and abandonment but he has started to find hope. Hope that he can have a meaningful life with significance and not just an existence constantly on the edge of death. He suffered with malnutrition for many years and he has the physical build of a 14 year old, he struggles with an eating disorder and he finds it hard to trust others but he has learned to play guitar quite proficiently and would love to be able to study worship at bible college. Jack will need money for food, clothing, accommodation, term fees as well as Medical expenses whilst he pursues a personal dream that many of us would consider to be a basic human right.

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