Arriving home from school that same week that his mother had returned home after the childbirth, Peter remembers that the house looked a mess, the front door had been smashed off and his mother was sobbing inconsolably. As the details were gradually explained, Peter learned that police had smashed into the house looking for his father who Interpol had been searching for since he left the Philippines years ago. Peter’s father had escaped the police raid and after several months, he and his mother started to realize that it was unlikely that his father would ever return.

With bills mounting up and several defaults on mortgage payments, Peter swore to a distraught mother that he would not let the family lose the house and that he would take charge of the family. He was 8 years old when he declared this oath and started running drugs for dealers in the area. The bills got paid, and the kids continued to go to school. Peter inevitably became a drug dealer himself and becoming a user seemed to be obligatory.

At 14 years old, he was detained by the Juvenile Justice system. By 18, he was in prison with a methamphetamine addiction. When he came out of prison at 22 years old, there was a Five8 circle around him, and through professional help, he has been drug free for the last 3 years, he wants to build a house for his mother and family….legally. The family house that he had promised his mother he would work to buy for her had to be sold due to being part of the proceeds of crime. Peter has started to make sensible life choices that are having a positive effect on his life and those around him. He volunteers a lot of his time working with youth on the streets but he needs a job and would love to have a drop-in centre that offers counselling and fellowship for the disadvantaged.

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